Executive Recruitment

An Executive Recruitment assignment is reliant on two factors to ensure success :

1. Understanding the business and it's culture

2. Understanding the role, the hiring manager's expectations and what success would look like

At Holbourne Advisory our research and enticement process is driven by the answers to the above questions.

Our 4 step Executive Recruitment Process ensures we have your business well being in mind when selecting the right leader for your business.

1. Business and Role understanding

2. Market and candidate pool exploration

3. Enticement and engagement

4. Client presentation

We have successfully assisted clients to identify, entice, engage and attract executives from across the world into key strategic leadership roles within their African business.

"to achieve stronger growth, companies must not only assemble a critical mass of talent, which will require attracting and retaining an “unfair” share of excellent leaders, but also align these leaders’ roles and skills with the companies’ growth strategies." 

  - Do you have the right leaders for your growth strategies?  McKinsey Quarterly July 2011