South African CEOs : Talent acquisition the highest priority initiative in accelerating execution of strategy.

Eric van Gils (Partner)

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KPMG's recent Global CEO Outlook Survey explored over 1300 CEO perspectives on the unprecedented change forecast for their companies and the world economy.
What stands out for us are some of the perspectives of CEOs, and specifically South African CEOs, relating to hiring and talent management.

South African findings

Of the 50 South African CEO's surveyed:
    - 100% of them expected to increase headcount over the next three years, and
    - talent acquisition is ranked 1st in terms of the initiatives they are planning to use to accelerate the execution of their strategy.

This clearly highlights the reliance CEOs will be placing on talent acquisition professionals both within corporates and within external recruitment and executive search firms.

International findings

SML 45649150_s.png

As part of the Global CEO responses, Talent Development / Management ranked in the top 5  of strategic priorities over the next 3 years and 41% of CEO's indicated talent acquisition was a key tool in accelerating the execution of their strategy.

99% of CEO's reported taking action to develop existing or future talent and most CEOs reported some level of skills gap.

Overall, despite the current world economic climate, the CEOs in South Africa and globally were in general positive about the growth of their companies,  their industries and the markets they operate in.

For more details view the full report at : KPMG CEO Outlook