Talent mapping – the case for investing in market intelligence

The business challenge

An international FMCG client had recently been through a restructuring process and wanted to ensure they were paying at the right compensation level for an executive role in that area and that they were suitably covered for the risk of the executive resigning. The client had concerns regarding :

  • the market comparability of the compensation for that individual, and

  • whether they would be able to replace them with suitable talent from the market if they resigned.

The assignment

Holbourne Advisory managed a talent mapping and market intelligence assignment on behalf of the client which included :

pic for talent mapping.jpg
  • Extensive research on organisatons with leaders similar to the “at risk” executive with similar capabilities, experience and responsibilities;

  • Extensive research on organisatons in similar industries and related industries, with similar structures and comparable market capitalisation;

  • Extensive research on individuals with similar profiles to the “at risk” leader;


  • Interviews with suitable candidates, market specialists and related individuals focusing on :

    • The talent challenges faced by corporates who made use of this specific skill

    • Compensation levels (and related skills and competencies for this type of role)

    • Talent that stood out in the market and that would be worth engaging in future

The report

We were able to report to our client on the following market information :

  • Market insights into compensation scales for differing skills, expertise, experience and responsibilities for that specific role

  • The depth of the market of suitable candidates

  • A list of individuals in the market who would be suitable for the role should the current executive leave, including their names, experience, qualifications responsibilities and interest in making a move

The benefits

The client was in a position to negotiate a new compensation package for the “at risk” executive understanding the compensation scales of the market.

The client also had sight of a potential external succession and replacement pipeline should that individual choose to leave in future.

If they were ever required to engage with this pipeline, the time to hire would be dramatically shorter than a typical recruitment process.

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