CEOs are concerned that a shortage of skills could impair their ability to grow

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For 20 years the PWC CEO Survey has given us insight into how CEOs of the day view current forces affecting their businesses.

In the latest (the 20th) annual PWC CEO Survey, nearly 1400 CEO's across the world shared their views , and have raised concerns, which could directly affect their talent acquisition functions going forward.

Some of these views include :

  • 52% of the CEOs surveyed plan to grow their headcount in the year ahead,
  • 77% of the CEOs are concerned that a shortage of skills could impair their ability to grow,
  • 79% of CEOs believe technology is going to cause job losses over the next 5 years, and
  • More than 75% of CEOs have changed their talent strategies to reflect the skills and employment structures their firms will require in the future.

What does this mean for our organisations?
Organisations are going to need to :

  • Explore more innovative ways of attracting the best talent to our businesses
  • Consider leveraging talent mobility (and looking for new sources of mobile talent) to fill talent gaps in regions we work in
  • Ensure we are fully aware of the businesses future skills needs to consider our talent mix of build, buy and borrow.

When it comes to Robots stealing jobs, the outcome may not be as bad as we think. (Read more here)

If anything we are heading for interesting times!

(Source PWC CEO Survey)

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