To get your unfair share of talent you need to be enticing your candidates like you do your clients.

The recruitment environment has seen some significant shifts over the last few years.  


We work extensively in the corporate recruitment market and we continue to see the balance of power shifting from the employer to the employee. Individuals with skills and experience are able to be more strategic with their career moves, especially within the scarce skills space, and they are making career decisions based on the longer term opportunity a move could create for them.

The corporate employers who are attracting the best talent in the market are aware of this and ensure their treatment and engagement with candidates considers the fact that much of the initial recruitment process needs to be focused on selling the organisation and longer-term opportunities.

Corporate leaders we work with have recently expressed concerns regarding the commitment of a candidate who initially needs to be sold on an organisation or an opportunity. This is the new norm with top talent. They are approached several times a week and usually have several options available to them at any given time.

These are the candidates you want in your business.


Highly regarded individuals have several options because they have proven themselves, are respected in the markets they work in and, in our experience, will be very committed to delivering on your strategy when they see the value in your organisation and the role you have.



What can corporate leaders do to manage this “selling” process?

  • Have you our client engagement hat on when interacting with candidates

  • Remember that just because candidates are not initially sold on your organisation does not mean that when they eventually decide to join you they will not be committed

  • You need to give them time to consider and immerse themselves in your business as part of the recruitment process, allowing them to see the value you can add to their career

Who is winning the hearts of the top talent?

We are seeing the hearts of the top talent in in the market being won not by the big brands or necessarily the market accepted “employers of choice”, but more and more by the organisations who no matter what their size, the market’s perception of them or the strength of their brand,  treat the recruitment process like a new client onboarding process.