South African CEOs and CFOs receive increases in excess of inflation (but increases are lower than previously awarded)

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In the latest 21st Century Executive Pay Barometer (April 2017) interesting trends came up regarding executive pay.

The barometer is compiled by 21st Century using publically available information from listed company financial and remuneration reports.

Some of the key findings of the latest report include :
- CEOs and CFOs received a median increase in excess of the headline inflation rate for 2016.
- Executive Directors received a median increase of just below 6%.
- The median increases for all directors is lower than in the previous report. (increases have come down)
- Large cap companies have seen an increase in the median wage gap, where as the wage gap for medium and small cap companies has decreased marginally

As the recent downgrade of South Africa's credit status by international ratings agencies starts to have an effect on business profits, there will be an increased focus on increases in executive compensation.  The wage gap is also going to continue being a hotly debated topic as the overall South African economy is affected by the downgrades.


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