Globally, fewer people are interested in working abroad

Eric van Gils

US, Germany, and Canada now the most attractive countries to work in

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In the latest Decoding Global Talent 2018 report, by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network, shows some interesting changes in the attractiveness as a work location of certain countries around the world, as well as global interest in working abroad.

The June 2018 report combines the feedback from 366 000 people in 197 countries, and is the biggest survey of its kind ever.

In 2014 64% of respondents expressed an interest in working abroad, and this has now dropped to 57%. The report theorises that this could be due to a number of reasons including :

  • the world is becoming more global making it unnecessary for people to move to find satisfying well paying jobs,
  • tightening trade and immigration policies could be making relocation less attractive, and
  • improved economic conditions in many countries leading to more people remaining in the country of their birth.

There have also been changes in the countries people would like to work in.

Some interesting moves (compared to data from 2014) include :

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  • The US no longer the most popular destination for Europeans, people from the Middle East and North Africa, and it now only ranks 3rd for people from South Asia.

  • UK no longer the top European destination, with Germany now the favourite (and the 2nd most popular country overall)

  • Australia was previously 7th most popular, is now in the top 5 at number 4.

Although the UK has dropped in popularity, London is still the most popular city in the world, followed by New York and Berlin.

South Africans predictably chose the US, Australia and the UK as their preferred destinations, but as a whole, Sub-Sahara Africans prefer Canada as their second choice, with the US and the UK as number 1 and 3.

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