How to get back into the swing of things when returning from vacation

Derryn Short


For many it’s the first week back at work.  You may be experiencing random bouts of anxiety mixed with a bit of excitement.  The holidays season is but a distant memory and by the end of the week you may very well feel that you have been back at the office for months and not days.  

I have trolled the internet and have identified a few tips that could help you conquer the post holiday blues and launch yourself straight back into the swing of things

  1. Tidy up your workspace first

  2. Set new goals

  3. Get your “To-Dos” in order and prioritise what needs to be done

  4. Briefly review your calendar and postpone non-urgent meetings

  5. Triage your inbox don’t read your emails in chronological order

  6. Do one thing at a time

  7. Catch up with your colleagues

  8. Remove all distractions such as social media sites and cell phone applications

  9. Take breaks during the day, decompress and relax

  10. Don’t procrastinate get straight back into it

It is important to stay calm, focused and relaxed.  Be kind to yourself it’ll take a few days to readjust. In conclusion plan to enjoy your week.